Kimmi our lovely light Apricot Standard Poodle delivered a gorgeous litter of F1 Aussiedoodle puppies.  There are 11 beautiful healthy puppies with 8 boys that are a Red Merle, 4 Blue Merles and 3 Black Tri-Colours and 3 girls that are a Black, a Chocolate and a Red Tri-Colour.  Some of them have touches of white on their chest or toes. The Dad to this litter is our handsome Blue Merle Australian Shepherd, Kingsli. These puppie should range between 45-70lbs and approx 24" at the shoulders. Their coats will be a nice wave to a curly wave that should be low to non shed.  If you have a look at our Aussiedoodle page, you will get a feel for what these puppies may look like as adults.  The selection for Kimmi's litter begins the weekend of July 21st and her little ones will be ready to head to their new families starting the weekend of Aug 4th. We have 5 spots available.  You can see pictures below with the more current at the bottom of the page.  If you are interested in one of Kimmi's amazing puppies give us a call or email.
UPDATED: 9/5/2018
Kimmi our Mom
Kingsli Our Dad
Kimmi's gorgeous puppies are 2 days old in the pictures below.  She had some amazing colours, with beautiful markings.  You can see some have a straighter coat and others a bit of a curl, but it is too early to know what direction the coats will go in.
Kimmi's puppies are 2 wks of age in the pictures below.  They are getting bigger every day.  Their eyes are now open and they are trying to walk a bit.
The 6 pictures below are of the 3 girls
The pictures below are of the boys.