Below you will find pictures of a Whoodle litter where the Mother is a Black Poodle and the Father is the Wheaten Terrier

purple ribbon female
Lt Blue spotted ribbon female
Lt Pink ribbon female
Lt Pink ribbon female
Dk Blue spotted ribbon Male
Coal - 1 year old at 40lbs & 21 " at the shoulders
Maggie Smith - 1 year old at 35lbs & 21" at the shoulders
Maggie Cooper - on the left before a haircut and on the right after. She is about 34lbs and approx 21" at the shoulders.
Below are pictures of a Whoodle litter where the Mom is a Wheaten Terrier and the Dad is a Dark Apricot Standard Poodle.
Flynn is in the backgroud, you can see his father's colouring.  In the foreground is Sketch, Flynn's 1/2 bother...Same father but his mother is from Kari one of our Golden Retrievers
Chloe - at  5mths 25lbs
Bandit at 4 mths
Zeb at 5 mths
Maggie at 4mths

Whoodles are amazing breed.  They are the combination of the fun loving, intelligent Wheaten Terrier and the affectionate, intelligent Poodle.  As both sides to this mix are considered hypoallergenic, this breed is great for families with moderate allergies, depending on what your allergies are.  We use the Standard Poodle for our Whoodles so the puppies tend to range from 30 to 50lbs and approx 21" from the floor to the top of the shoulders.  You can get a variety of colours, depending on the Poodles back ground, but every litter is different.  We have had Blacks, Brown/Blacks, Wheat, Dark Apricot, Chocolate Phantoms and Black Phantoms.
In the pictures below Kelsi our Wheaten Terrier is the Mom and Rusty our Dark Apricot Standard Poodle is the Dad
Chance is a Brown/Black at 5 mths
Chance at 6 wks
Spencer at 1 yr a Black Phantom
Spencer at 6 wks
Murphy at 9 mths a Black
Murphy at 6 wks
Katie at 9 mths a Brown/Black
Katie at 6 wks
Norman a Black at 6 mths after a haircut
Norman at 6 wks
Zoey at 10 mths a Brown/Black before a haircut
Zoey at 6 wks
Cocoa at 7 mths a Chocolate Phantom
Cocoa at 6 wks
Kona Black Phantom, Piper and Jackson Wheat colours at 4 mths meeting up at the Park for some playtime
Kona at 6 wks
Piper at 6 wks
Jackson at 6 wks
Oakley a Black at 6 mths enjoying summer actives and graduating puppy classes.
Oakley at 6 wks