Please note that all of the dogs on this page have homes. It is just families sharing pictures of their dogs.

The Miniature Aussiedoodle is a wonderful family pet that combines the Loyal, Loving and Intelligent nature of the Miniature Australian Shepherd with the affectionate and intelligent nature of the Miniature Poodle, with a low to non-shed coat as a bonus.  They are very much like the Standard version of this Hybrid Mix, but in a smaller package.  They come in a large variety of colour combinations depending on the particular parents.  You can have Red or Blue merles, Red or Black Tri's, Bi-Colours, Solids or even Parti's.  The size of the Mini Aussiedoodle ranges from 15lbs up to 30lbs and the height at the shoulders from 15" to 17".  The coats can range from a straighter Aussie look, to a wave, to a curly wave depending on the particular puppy.  The texture is very silky soft that does require brushing on a regular basis, at least once a week and then trimming about every 2 to 3 months depending on the style of cut you like.

As the Aussie is a very loyal dog, as with all puppies it is very important to socialize them with other dogs, people and places.  With the intelligence in the mix, training is very important or they will train you.  They do learn very quickly and love to learn new things and please you.  The enjoy the outdoors and excel at Flyball, Agility, Running, Jogging or Hiking, but please keep in mind that they need to have reached their adult size before starting any high impact training.  They should be over 1 yr of aged and checked by your vet to make sure the growth plates have closed.  They do make great companions for these sports.

They need at least 2 good walks a day, some playing at the park with other dogs and some backyard play.  If they have had their daily activity they are wonderful in the house and enjoy spending time watching a little TV.

Chloe - This little girl is black and is from a litter between Kyli & Kippi.  She is approx 18lbs and 16" at the shoulders, with a bit more of an Australian look, with a straighter face, but wave to her body.  This was her Halloween outfit :)
Zoe - A beautiful little girl, Zoe is a Red Merle with chocolate, tan, white & copper in her markings.  She is 15" at the shoulders and 15lbs.  She has a lovely wavy coat. Her parents are Kyli & Kippi.
Bailey - Is a gorgeous Black Tri colour with Black, Tan & white.  She is approx 15" at the shoulders and 15lbs with more of an Australian look to her.  She has the straighter face and legs with a slight wave to her body.  She lives with a Standard size Goldendoodle, but of course she rules the household.  Her parents are Kyli & Kippi
Bolan - A handsome little Black boy with white on his chest.  He is approx 22lbs as an adult and 16" at the shoulders.  He also has more of an Australian Shepherd look with the straighter face & legs and a slight wave to the body.  His parents are Kyli & Kippi
Dexter is a gorgeous little guy with some amazing colour to him. A combination Red merle with chocolate, tan, grey, copper & white.  He is probably around 25lbs and 16" at an adult.  He has the Aussie look with a thicker coat in his body and the straight face.  His parents are Kippi & Kyli
Foster is a wonderful little guy.  He is a Blue merle with black, tan, grey and white in his mix.  As an adult he is approx 22lbs and 16" at the shoulders.  He has a lovely wavy coat.  His parents are Kyli & Kippi
Mati is a beautiful Red Merle girl with copper, chocolate, tan & white to her mix.  She is approx 20lbs & 16" at the shoulders.  She has a lovely wavy coat.  Her parents are Kyli & Kippi.
Codie is a lovely chocolate Bi-Colour boy with tons of flashy white on his chest from chin to tail, 4 paws & tip of his tail.  He has a slightly straighter face but his body is a nice wave. He is approx 22lbs and 16" at the shoulders.  His parents are Kyli & Kagni.
Dudley is a gorgeous Blue Merle with a mix of black, grey & white.  In the picture above the lighting shows his colours much darker.  He is probably about 22lbs and 16" at the shoulders.  With a beautiful curly wave.  His parents are Kyli & Kagni
Mickey is a handsome Blue Merle boy with black, grey & white to his colour mix.  He should be approx 22lbs & 16" at the shoulder. He has the Aussie face with wave to his body.  His parents are Kadi & Kippi
Tucker is a gorgeous Blue Merle boy with tons of copper, black, white and grey.  He should be approx 22lbs and 16" at the shoulders.  He has more of the Aussie look to his face, but you can see his body is fluffy.  His parents are Kadi & Kippi
Zoe in the Winter in Thunder Bay, Summer at the cottage & Christmas 2012
Bailey with her Big Brother Moose enjoying the cottage in Summer & Winter
Bolan during a quiet moment
Tuning in a few stations
Mati in her Summer & Winter coats.
Codie - Just a few more inches to China!!
Codie - Shoes... what wasn't me :)
Brady is a Black boy with a gorgeous curly wave coat. His parents are Kadi & Kippi.
Gypsy - Blue Merle Female.  This beautiful girl has a real Aussie look to her and has a slight shed.  Her parents are Kadi & Kippi.
Ottis is a handsome Black Bi-Colour who has silvered so you get 3 different tones to his coat.  He has a wavy coat that may have a slight shed to it.  His parents are Kadi & Kagni.
Rufio is a wonderful Chocolate Bi-Colour boy with a nice wavy coat.  As you can see above he had a very important job to do for his Dad....She did say "Yes"  His parents are Kadi & Kagni.
Lola is an amazing Blue Merle girl with gorgeous markings.  She has a lovely curly wave coat.  Her parents are Kyli & Kagni.
Penny is a pretty little Red Merle girl with a gorgeous curly wave coat.  She loves to try new things and has parents that take amazing pictures :)  Her parents are Kyli & Kagni.
Tux is a Black Bi-Colour boy with a wonderful curly wave coat that is non shed.  He is approx 25lbs.  His parents are Kyli & Kagni.
Zeus is a handsome Red Merle boy with a curly wave coat that is non shed.  He is approx 25lbs.  These pictures show various cuts that he has had.  His parents are Kyli & Kagni.
Seven is a beautiful Chocolate Bi-Colour girl.  We have so many great shots of Seven it was hard to choose which ones to post.  She is a wonderful curly wave girl who is non shed.  Her parents are Kyli & Kagni.
Simba is a wonderful Red Merle boy.  He has a straighter Aussie like coat that has a slight shed to it.  His parents are Kyli & Kagni.
Wiser is a great little Chocolate Bi-Colour Boy.  He was the smallest in his litter and has ended up at 15 1/2 lbs.  He has a gorgeous curly wave coat that is non shed.  His parents are Kyli & Kagni.
Callie - F1 Blue Merle 
Mom Kassidi, Dad Kagni
Charlie - F1 Blue Merle
Mom Kassidi, Dad Kagni
Loki - F1 Black & White
Mom Kassidi, Dad Kagni
Kokanee - Black & White
Mom Kassidi, Dad Kagni
Tucker - F1B Blue Merle
Mom Kapri, Dad Kippi
Manolo - F1B Apricot 
Mom Kapri, Dad Kippi
Piper - F1B Apricot whispy coat
Mom Kapri, Dad Kippi
Chase - F1B Cream curly coat
Mom Kapri, Dad Kippi