The Aussiedoodle is a wonderful hybrid mix of an Australian Shepherd and a Standard poodle.  This combinations gives you a very smart, loving and loyal family pet.  They are slightly more active than the Goldendoodles or Labradoodles and have a coat similar to the Goldendoodles, but silkier.  They are a lower to no shed and range from 35 to 70lbs and approx 22-23" at the shoulders. Depending on the parents. Below are some examples of what an F1 Aussiedoodle can look like.  As you can see every litter is different, so we can never predict what will be available in the next litter. Although the colours can be very vibrant, please keep in mind that it is the personality of your puppy that is most important.  Enjoy the pictures.
Mooky at 3 weeks - 1st born
Left - Pepper at 3 weeks - 2nd born
Right - Pepper at 3 months
Riley (girl) at 3 weeks - 3rd born
Riley at 3 months

Jack at 3 weeks - 4th born
Jack at 12 weeks
Boomer at 3 weeks - 5th born left
Boomer at 9 weeks-right
Princess Tiki at 3 weeks - 6th born
Princess Tiki at 9 weeks
Titan at 3 weeks - 7th born
Titan at 16 weeks
Riley (Boy) at 3 weeks - 8th born
Riley at 7 weeks

Mooky at 14wks
Titan at 6 months
Riley at 6 months
Tiki at 7 months
Pepper at 6 months.
Mooky at 7 months
What a bucket of utter joy!!!
Riley at 8 months
Boomer at 6 months
Boomer at 14 mths
Tiki at 1 year - where's the ball- I saw it go up...
Mooky on his 1st birthday - where's my present!!
Titan at 1 year - The love of his families life
Riley and his best buddy Tucker - size means nothing when love is involved
Riley at 1 year - isn't she gorgeous
Below are pictures of another F1 litter at 5 & 8wks and then as adults.
Bella is our little girl in Las Vegas - she is 3 months in this picture

Carley is a beautiful grey merle - she is almost 5 months in this picture
Max is now a yr old in this picture and has started agility classes with his family.
Marzy as you can see has that loving glow to her....- she is almost 5 mths in this picture
Jack - he's blown out the candles and is ready to party for his 1st birthday.  "Bring on the presents Mom..."
Pick me!!!!
The pictures below are with a Red Merle Australian Shepherd Mom and a Cream Standard Poodle Dad.  You can see that the with the lighter Red merle and the cream, that the colours as they get older can lighten.
"Cookie" a very beautiful merle puppy. She has a lot of chocolate, tan and white. In this pictue she is 10mths and 3mths in the one above.
"Sheriff" a handsome tri colourHe has Chocolate, red, tan and white. He is 1yr here 60lbs and 25" at the shoulders. Above is a 4 mth shot.
"Rumble" a striking merle baby.  He has quite a bit of red, with chocolate, tan and white. He is about 6mths here and 2 mths above.
"Ozzy" a gorgeous merle boy.  He has an abundance of tan, white & chocolate. He is 10mths in this  picture and 4mths in the one above. Just look at that face...
"Frankie" an adorable little tri colour girl.
She has a beautiful chocolate, red, tan and white coat. She is about 9mths in this pictures.
Bella, Max and Poppy at 8 1/2 weeks
Poppy, Darcy & Carley at 5 weeks during the picking process     "How can you pick just one"
Poppy is now all grown up and has just beautiful markings.  She is 1 yr now.
"Aussie" wonderful little merle fellow
He has chocolate, red, tan and white in his mix
Bella with her favorite toy - a little scary
Carley enjoying the summer
Pepper at 15mths.
"Chester" - at 1 year. A lovely Tri colour male
Very expressive eyes....
The litter below is with a Red Tri Aussie Mom and a Dark Red Poodle Dad.  The colours again are stronger with copper.  There are no merle in this litter as one parent must be a merle in order to produce a litter with Merle puppies.
"Harry" Black Tri at 9 months 
"Taz" Black Tri at 8 mths
"Jasper" Red & White at 11 mths
"Coco" Dark Red & White at 9mths
"Stella" Black Tri at 9mths
"Daisy" Dark Red & White at 9mths 
This litter is with the same light Red Merle Mom but with a Dark Red Poodle Dad.  The colours stay a little stronger as they become adults.
Coco at 1 yr - 40lbs 20" at the shoulders
Guinness - at 17mths 68lbs
Taffy at 1yr approx 55lb and 24"
Zoey with her new brother Zephyr
Ozzy at 1yr - 56lbs, 25"
Ruby at the far left with a short summer cut and longer at 1yr.  She is 43lb & 22.5"
This litter is with a Dark Blue Merle Aussie Mom and a Dark Red Standard Poodle.  You can see the colours are stronger as adults.
This is Fred a red merle who is about 8 mths in these pictures. He is pictured to the right with his brother a Wilson a Snoodle.
This is Sadie a red merle, she is 4mths here.
Livi is a Blue merle she is 5 mths in these pictures.  Ramius a black tri is pictured to the right.  He is about 7 mtns in these pictures.
Kato is a blue merle and is pictured here at 7 mths enjoying the 4th of July at a parade with his family.
Tasha is Blonde & White at 1yr
With this litter the Mom is the Darker Red Tri-Colour Aussie, but the Dad is a cream Parti colour Poodle.  Some of the colours will lighten as adults, but you get the great white patches from the Parti Coloured Dad.
The chocolate girl, Abbey is on the right in the first picture & in the middle in the 2nd with her 1/2 sister Sammie another Aussiedoodle of Korki's and Georgia her Goldendoodle sister. Abbey is 8 mths above and her sister Sammie is 2 yrs.
This is Aussie, he is one of the Apricot with White marking boys.  In the picture on the left he is about 6 mths and on the right about 4 mths.
This is Finnegan, as you can see he is a chocolat & white boy, he is 6mths in this picture.
This is Logan she is 5 mths above and 6 mths to the left.
This is Gwynn one of the Apricot and Whites he is 7 mths in the 2 pictures above.
The pictures below are of an F1 Aussiedoodle litter at various stages from 3 wks to adult.  You an see how much the coat will change over time.  The Mom was a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd and the Dad a Light Apricot Standard Poodle.