Dear Mary Jane,
I apologize for being so tardy with this response. We went away for a week just after I received your email and it then slipped my mind. Feel free to use our name as proponents of your kennel. We adore our dog. He is a combination of a very gentle, loving animal that loves to be with us and other humans as well as being full of mischief and desirous of playing with other dogs.In our home he is with our daughter's dog that is perhaps 7 lbs. "soaking wet", a Papillon/Maltese mix, and they are inseparable. Our Riley will chase and be chased equally by Tucker but he can be very gentle with our daughter's dog. 

Riley seems to have alot of the Poodle in him. He loves to play fetch, chase birds and
last summer went in the water at our cottage which our previous Australian Shepard 
did not like to do. He does not shed at all. We did shave him close at one year as he
had matted close to his skin. His hair is now  a little over an inch long. Very soft. He wants to be close to us all the time which I believe is the Aussie in him. He has a soft mouth and will let us take toys from him without problems. He did the best in his obedience training class but he is active and needs exercise. He is wary of strangers but when shown they are accepted he accepts them also. He is completely house trained and has not had an accident since I think he was neutered(approx. 6months). In summary, he is a terrific pet and I have no reservation about recommending the breed mix. With regards to the process about obtaining our dog: we found Doodle Treasures to be very professional. Our visits to the kennel showed how the pups were loved and well cared for. We received good advice from Mary Jane about how to care for our new puppy. Riley was healthy. He had received all of his appropriate innoculations and came with a veterinarian's examination. We, as owners, have been touched by how Mary Jane periodically contacts us to see how Riley is progressing. We had a great experience with your kennel and would and do recommend you any chance we get. 
Drs. Stephen and Monique Fitch 


When I finally decided I was ready to welcome a puppy into my home, I did a lot of research on various breeds and cross breeds.  I was very interested in a large, non-shedding dog and was delighted to find the website for Doodle Treasures.  The photos on the sight were adorable, and it was great to see the puppies in various stages of growth.  I phoned Mary Jane and was very impressed with the amount of time she spent speaking with me.  She was incredibly patient and knowledgeable, and I could tell she was one of the rare breeders who truly cares about their puppies after they leave her care.  On my first visit to their home, Mary Jane and George were warm and friendly.  I was pleased to see how beautiful the puppies mothers were, and how well cared for the dogs were as well.  The puppies areas were extremely clean as well, which was also impressive.  During my second visit to choose my pup, once again, Mary Jane and George were fantastic!  They patiently allowed me two hours to play with the puppies and decide which one was perfect for me. (frankly, that had already been decided by Tobias, my puppy, on my first visit!)   

It was lovely to have that much time to observe the different personalities and choose my canine companion without any stress or pressure.  Two weeks later, when I came to take Tobias home for good, Mary Jane was friendly and knowledgeable and gave me lots of good advice for taking care of my puppy.  I have been in constant touch with them and am happy to continually send them photos of Tobias as he grows and grows.  He is an amazing little guy – well tempered, well behaved and more loveable than I could have ever imagined.  I can’t imagine life without him, and I’m thankful to Mary Jane and George for breeding such a wonderful dog!  I recommend Doodle Treasures to many people and will continue to do so.  They’re the best!!!

Andrea Morris


Letter of Reference......

Mary Jane has been a wonderful breeder and friend to our family. It's
abundantly clear she treats her all of her dogs with love and
respect. During the initial stages of puppy investigation, she shared
a great deal of knowledge about the Aussie Doodle breed and has
continued to share updates with us during the first year of our dog's
life. The purchase process was seamless; all the birth and health
records were in order and we received a great deal of background
information about the breed when we bought our puppy. As first time
dog owners we were pretty green, but Mary Jane helped guide us
through the process and made it a wonderfully exciting time for our

Mary Jane has kept us connected to our puppy's parents and siblings
and we really enjoy seeing updated pictures and the news briefs that
come by e-mail. Our puppy, Titan, has been a constant source of joy
for our family and everywhere we go we get asked about the breed.
He's an incredibly handsome pup with a wonderful, wonderful
disposition and we're very grateful to have discovered Mary Jane's,
Doodle Treasures.

Best wishes
Debbie Gordon, Dave Downey, Madison Downey and Cole Downey

These Photographs were taking by a very talented friend of Nancy's Diane Schlichting, at Diane Schilchting Photography in Pickering, Ontario.  You can reach her through the links to her website or at her email address below.
[email protected]

Hello Mary Jane and George!

     Mollie has been home with us for three weeks now and we wanted to write and say
thank you for all that you did to make acquiring Mollie such a pleasant experience.
When we first came to visit you, we were curious about the Golden Doodle breed and
you patiently spent time with us showing us the pregnant Golden mothers (Cami, Kari
and Millie.)  We also met the Poodle fathers (TJ and Rusty).  You showed us around
your facilities and we feltcomfortable with the surroundings in which the puppies would
be born and cared for.  You spent time explaining the process of choosing a puppy and
we signed up for your waiting list and hoped that there would be a puppy for us.  

     What a thrill when you emailed us on the day that Kari gave birth to eight beautiful 
puppies!  Then we began the "long" wait until picking day but you kept us informed through 
frequent emails about the puppies' progress.  Thanks for posting so many photos on your website of the puppies every week.  Picking day was overwhelming but you calmly and patiently talked us through the hour that we spent holding all of the puppies until the three of us agreed upon Molly.  You made us feel confident that we had chosen the right puppy for our family. When the day arrived to bring Molly home, you once again spent time with us going over her food and routines.  We appreciated the bag of treats and toys that you sent home with her.   Molly has settled into our family smoothly and without any difficulties.  She is crate trained and that was a breeze!  She goes outside to do her business (maybe we're more trained for that part than she is at this point!)  She is well-behaved on the leash and has enjoyed meeting all of her neighbours.  She has had two good visits with the vet and got a clean bill of health both times.  I've lost track of how many people have stopped to admire her and to ask where we got her.  We joked that we were going to have a tshirt made for Molly  that has your website printed on the side! 
    Thanks again for all that you did for us.  Please don't hesitate to use us as a reference for any potential puppy owners.  We look forward to keeping in touch with you as Molly grows.  
Nancy, David and Megan Oates  

When we decided to add a doodle to our family, I began searching for a breeder.  I had been in touch with a number of breeders, but it always felt cold, that I was just “another number”.  Then I came across Doodle Treasures, and Mary Jane who was very warm and helpful.  When we contacted Mary Jane, we were looking for a goldendoodle and knew nothing about aussiedoodles.  She not only provided more than enough information about the goldendoodles but also her aussiedoodles, and she immediately invited us to visit her home and “furry family”.  We took her up on the offer and were very pleased with the facilities.  I fell in love with her Australian Shepherds, Princess, Kiwi, and Korki.  All of a sudden the aussiedoodle became an option I had not expected.  Mary Jane patiently answered all my questions, and I had lots.  After the visit, there were times when it was daily emails with Mary Jane – I was a nervous potential “new mommy”.  She was always prompt in responding to my questions and I felt she really cared.  We decided on an aussiedoodle from Korki and the process could not have gone smoother.   I needed our new girl to stay a week longer and Mary Jane was more than happy to accommodate.  
We adopted Samantha from Mary Jane about a year and a half ago, and could not be more happy with our girl.  Samantha is a doll – one of the most loving, cuddly dogs I have ever had.  I think she has a lot of her beautiful mother, Korki in her and just the perfect amount of daddy Rusty to make her that special doodle.  She is intelligent, sassy, and gorgeous.  She is the love of our lives.   A year and a half later, I am still in touch with questions about Samantha and Mary Jane always provides honest, thoughtful, responses.  I am now considering another doodle (a third for my household) and Mary Jane is once again answering all my questions (and I have lots again) and helping me through the decision to add a third.  The easy part of my decision is that I do know if I add a third, it will be from Mary Jane.  

I would recommend Mary Jane and her lovely doodles to anyone considering this breed.  Mary Jane, you are welcome to send my contact information to anyone who would like a reference or to ask me more questions.

Sue Mabee

June 21, 2017

In October 2016 my family and I were walking and came across a young boy walking the cutest puppy ever. When asking him the breed he said it’s an Aussiedoodle. (Australian Shepherd x Poodle)
After going home we googled the breed and were very impressed with what we read. The low to no shed was a biggy for us and when they were referred as canine einstein’s that was a bonus. Not to mention they were a very good looking dog after the puppy years went by.

Now that we finally figured out the breed we now needed to find our puppy. Doodle Treasures was one of the first breeders to pop up. After reading the referrals I decided to send them an email with my questions. Shortly after sending my email Mary Jane replied with answers to all my questions plus much more information that I didn’t even think of asking. After reading Mary Jane’s email I could tell that she was very experienced and had lots of knowledge on the breed. She right away suggested that the Mini Aussiedoodle seemed to be the right fit for us since we weren’t looking for a big dog nor were we looking for a tiny dog.

Before making the decision to get on the waiting list Mary Jane invited my family to her home to see the premises, adult dogs and of course the cutest litter of pups I ever seen. Mary Jane was very understanding that timing had to be right for us when picking up the puppy as we were looking for late spring early summer to be able to give the puppy the much needed attention.
Shadey's litter at 8 days old
Mary Jane did explain that she could not guarantee when the next litter would be born but it all ended up working out as we picked up our puppy this past weekend. I must say Shadey was worth waiting for, very smart, alert and so cute.

I highly recommend Doodle Treasures, Mary Jane made it so easy to prepare for the puppy to come home and she is still helping with my questions after.

Thanks for everything Mary Jane!!
Paul, Maria, Chris, Alex and Victoria Grixti

Shadey at 10 wks of age
Shadey at 4 months
Dear Mary Jane,

Our mini AussieDoodle, Digby, is now one year old, and we wanted to write to tell you what a fantastic dog he is. He is loving, energetic, very bright, and sheds only modestly (no problem for Fran’s allergies). He knows the commands: sit, stay, paw (shakes hands while sitting), down (lies down), stay, come, dance (stands and walks on his hind legs for up to a minute), and bow (bows with his rear up and elbows to the ground). He has slept 8 hours per night in bed with us since he was 5 months old. He has also been going to day care since he was 5 months old and is very well socialized with dogs of all sizes, adults, and children. He loves travelling and has driven from Toronto to Ottawa twice. In short, he is a wonderful, loving companion and adopted “son”. Our neighbours liked him so much when they met him at 4 months that they adopted his brother Austin from Kassidy & Kagni’s next litter. Digby and Austin go to day care together, love to wrestle, and have been called inseparable. Thank you so much for providing us with such a wonderful addition to our lives.

Hugh & Fran