If you are interested in joining a waiting list please contact us at 705-437-2790 or [email protected] for more information.

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F1 Whussiedoodles(Wheaten/Aussie/Poodle)

We are hoping to have a litter of F1 Whussiedoodles in March of 2021.  The Mom will be Kodi our Blue Merle Whussie(Wheaten Terrier/Australian Shepherd) and Dad Krosbi our White & Apricot Standard Poodle.  Kodi carries Blue Merles, Black Tris and Black with White.  They would range between 45 to 70lbs and approx 24-26" at the shoulders.  As both the Wheaten and the Poodle are hypoallergenic dogs, these puppies should have extremely low to non shed coats.  If you think you are interested we have opened the waiting list for this litter.  Kodi's puppies will be available for an adoption fee of $1,500.

All of our other waiting lists are closed until 2021.
Please contact us in the New Year for Mini or Standard Aussiedoodles and Whoodles.