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Our next possible litter would be an F1 Standard Aussiedoodle in the Fall.  We are waiting for Kourtni, our Red Merle Full size Australian Shepherd to come into season and be bred to Korri our Red Standard Poodle.  In her first litter Kourtni had Red Merles, Red Tris and Chocolates with White.  The size range should be between 45 to 70 lbs and approx 24" at the shoulders.  The coats will range from an straighter Aussie look to a curly wave, depending on the particular puppy.  They should be a lower to non shed and good for mild to possibly moderate allergies.  I will post more information here once she has been bred.

All of our other waiting list are closed until Spring 2021.
Our waiting list for Spring/Summer puppies are closed. If you are interested in a Fall puppy please contact us.