F1B Standard Goldendoodles - Born December 1, 2017

Konni our beautiful Cream colour F1 Standard Goldendoodle, gave birth to an amazing litter of 5 F1B Goldendoodle puppies.  There are 2 lovely little girls and 3 handsome boys who are a gorgeous apricot, some have white on their chests or toes. The Dad to this litter is Korri our Red Smaller Standard Poodle.  Their coats will range from wave, to a curly wave or curly, depending on the particular puppy.  They will be low to non-shed, great for families with mild to moderate allergies.  As adults they should be between 50 to 70lbs and approx 24-25" at the shoulders.  Our selection for Konni's puppies will be starting the weekend of Jan 13th and they will be ready for their new families the weekend of Jan26/18.  The most current pictures will be added to the bottom of the page. Konni's puppies are available for an adoption fee of $1,500.  We have 3 deposits in for the litter with 2 spots available.  Please send an email or give us a call if you are interested.
Konni our Mom
Korri our Dad- we need a more current pictures
Last Update: 12/19/2017
Konni's puppies are 7 days old in the pictures below.  Her puppies are amazing with great coats and a beautiful apricot colour.  The girls are one of the straighter puppies and a curly wave one and the boys are the other straighter one, a curly wave and the curlier one in the pictures.