F1B Goldendoodles are a combination of a Goldendoodle breed back of Backcrossed with a Standard Poodle.  This mix is great for allergies as most of them are non shed or extremely low shed.  Their coats are very soft, almost silky.  Some will have a wavy look to them and other will have a more fleecy or curly look to them.  Below are pictures from some previous litters.

purple ribbon female
Lt Blue spotted ribbon female
Lt Pink ribbon female
Lt Pink ribbon female
Dk Blue spotted ribbon Male
Heidi - a silver phantom F1 goldendoodle
Abby at 8mths - black in colour that is starting to silver
Amber at 6 mths - a cream & apricot " Parti" girl
Trixie at 8mths - a cream and apricot "Parti" colour
These are a few shots of Milo a B&W Parti boy from Heidi's previous litter. In the top left pictue he is about 4 mths, above 5mths and bottom left 7mths. At 7mths he is 45lbs and 22 " at the shoulders and the love of his parents lives
This is Maddie an F1B Black & White Parti Colour Goldendoodle, who is Milo's sister.  In these pictures she is 6mth old and weighs in at 24lbs, she is very slight under that beautiful thick coat. Once she reaches maturity she will probably be in the 40lb range and approx 23" at the shoulders.  Definitely smaller than her big brother
Above on the left is a picture of Willie & Daisy.  These 2 puppies are F1B Goldendoodles that share the same father but different Mothers.  Willie's Mom  is Heidi and Daisy's Mom is Laverne.  You will see another picture of Willie near the top of the page at 8 mths.  Here he is a little over a year.  Daisy is 5mths in this pictures.  You can see they bonded very well together.... Below are some newer pictures, Willie is a 1 1/2 and Daisy is almost a year.  Amazing how different each haircut looks, beautiful babies
This is Finley, he is an F1B Goldendoodle from one of Shirley's litter.  He has a gorgeous non shed wavy coat, perfect for allergies.  In the picture on the left he is 3 1/2 mths and above 5 mths and below almost a year.
These 4 pictures are of Sydney & Crosby who are both from Heidi's Nov/06 litter.  They are now almost 2 yrs old and a good size.  They have slightly different coat types as you can see in the bottom left picture.  Crosby has more of a wavy look as you can see by his face, while Sydney has a curly look.  They are both cream and apricot parti coloured F1B Goldendoodles.  The Dad to this litter was Patches.  On our home page you will see the 2 having a blast in the water at the cottage.
This is Bailey and F1B Goldendoodle from Laverne's Mar/08 litter.  She is a dark apricot with white markings.  Here she is enjoying cottage life.....
Laverne an F1 cream Goldendoodle above and Ruby an F1 silver Phantom below, Heidi's sister.
This is Lulu and F1B Goldendoodle whose parents are Ruby and Patches.  She is a Silver Phantom Colour like her Mother.
This is Lucy, Lulu's sister.  She is a Silver Parti colour F1B Goldendoodle. Below is Pearson the 2 girls brother who is also a Silver Parti Colour.
Kaci an F1 Goldendoodle(Kari & Rusty parents)
she has her summer cut here.
The above and below are pictures of puppies who's Mom is Laverne and Dad Rusty.  You can see from the little pictures what their coats were like at 6 wks of age. The top left is Bella, then Cooper and Harvey on the right. In the bottom row is Kallee on the right and the next 2 on the left are Lemon.
Bella is in the 3 pictures above, Teddy is in the 3 pictures below & Jed in the 3 pictures below that.  They are all from Kaci & Patches 1st litter together.  They have a wavy/curly coat.  Just gorgeous colour.
Bentley above & Otis below are both from previous litters of Heidi's.  They have gorgeous fleecy coats.
Maggie is a beautiful Black with white fleecy girl from one of Ruby & Patches litters