We have a gorgeous litter of F1 Standard Aussiedoodles. 
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Kimmi our wonderful light apricot Standard Poodle delivered an amazing litter of 12 gorgeous F1 Standard Aussiedoodle puppies on Oct 12th.  The Dad for this litter is Kingsli our wonderful Standard size Australian Shepherd. There are 7 boys, a Black, 3 Chocolates, 2 Blue Merles and a Red Merle and 5 girls, 3 Chocolates and 2 Blue Merles.  Many have touches of white on their chest or toes.  They should have wavy to curly wave coats that will be low to non shed.  As adults these little ones will range from 45 to 70lbs and approx 24" at the shoulders.  Our selection for this litter will be the weekend of Nov 21st and they will be ready to head home to their new families starting Dec 9th.  The adoption fee for Kimmi's babies is $1,500.00.  We have 4 spots available for this litter.  If you are interested please give us a call or email.