We have a beautiful litter of Whoodle available, please see below. 
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Kelsi our beautiful Wheaten Terrier delivered a gorgeous litter of 8 F1 Whoodle puppies puppies on Dec 20th.  There are 5 boys and 3 girls in a wonderful black or brown/black tones.  Some have apricot highlights through their coats. The Dad to this litter is Korri our handsome Dark Apricot Standard Poodle.  There is a variety of coats from a wave to a curly wave that will be non shed, as much as a dog can be and great for families with moderate allergies. As adults their size should be between 30 to 55lbs depending on the particular puppy and about 21" at the shoulders. You can see pictures on our Whoodle page of what these little guys might look like as adult.  We also have a page for Kelsi's litter with more information and pictures. The selection for Kelsi's puppies will start the weekend of Feb 3rd and they will be ready to head to their new homes following their 1st set of shot starting the weekend of Feb 16th.  The adoption fee for Kelsi's babies is $1,500.00.  We have 3 spots available for our selection day.  If you are interested please give us a call or email.